Town of Cary, North Carolina


2016 - Present, Northwest Cary Community Advocate for Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources

advocating for the TOwn of cary to follow through on plans for Cameron pond park, panther creek greenway, and mills park community center

Spoken at Cary Town Council Meetings on May 26th, 2016June 16th, 2016, june 27th, 2016July 14th, 2016, October 13th, 2016, november 10th, 2016, and January 5th, 2017(advocated for paid parental leave)

Spoken at Cary Parks, recreation, and Cultural resources citizen advisory board meetings on june 6th, 2016, and august 1st, 2016

Featured on abc11 eyewitness news

2016 - Present (2019 Term End), Town of Cary Greenways Committee, Member

planning and managing town of cary greenway resources

Town of Cary Greenway Committee

2017 - Present, Northwest Cary YMCA, Board Member

Connecting YMCA to Northwest Cary Community and Vice Versa

Northwest Cary YMCA

2016 - Present, Town of Cary Block Leader for Cameron Pond Community

Connecting Cameron pond community to town of cary environmental initiatives

Town of Cary Block Leader Program

2016 - 2018, Cameron Pond Architectural Review Committee, Chair

Serving as Chair of the architectural review committee for the cameron pond neighborhood

2018 - Present (2021 Term End), Cameron Pond Community Association, Board Member

Serving as one of three board members, current role is Secretary/Treasurer


Chapel Hill, North Carolina


2005-2009, 2014-Present - Piano Player, Chapel Hill Bible Church

Play piano/keyboard for church worship services at chapel hill bible church monthly

Chapel Hill Bible Church


Seattle, Washington


2002-2005 - Medical Assistant Volunteer, Haller Lake Christian Health Clinic

Check patients in prior to seeing physician at medical clinic for underserved populations

Puget Sound Christian Health Clinic

1999-2005, 2009-2013 - Piano Player, North Seattle Alliance Church

Play Piano/keyboard for church worship services at north seattle alliance church monthly

North Seattle Alliance Church